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Name:Liliadent Krauzer
Birthdate:Feb 7
Name: Lilliadent Krauser
School: Rikkai Dai year 1
Birthdate (Zodiac): 2/7 Aquarius
Bloodtype:: A
Dominant Arm:: left
Height:: 196 cm
Weight:: 83 kg
Shoesize:: 30cm (12 Men's)
Eyesight:: 2.1 both eyes
Special Ability: Southern Cross, Dante’s Gate, Illuminati
Favorite Food:: Weißwurst and apple streusel
Hobbies:: riding the rails
Family: : Father, Mother, Grandmother
Father's occupation:: Audi Engineer
Committee:: none at the moment
Best Subject:: German, math
Worst Subject:: Japanese
Most visited spot:: The confessional
Elementary School:: APIAN gymnasium ( )
Spends money on:: train tickets
Favorite saying:: Eine Schwalbe macht noch keinen Sommer. – A single swallow doth not the summer make
Favorite movies:: European Art films
Favorite books:: Deutsche Sagen and other works by the Brother’s Grimm
Favorite music:: Neue Deutsche Härte
Favorite color:: Goldenrod
Favorite type (person):: A person who is open about themselves
Favorite date spot:: The Kreutzer -
Currently wants:: Electronic language pocket dictionary and translator
Daily ritual:: winds his watch
Dislikes:: people who take advantage of him
Talents:: Always exactly on time
Random Crap:: Loves model trains and owns a little conductor’s outfit.

Tennis skills:
Liliadent is a net player, preferring playing close to the net
Southern Cross: uses an opponents cord ball in order to make a crucifix on the back fence and then hitting one more cord ball that hit’s the opponet and crucifies him to the fence

Dante’s Gate: a quick approach to the net, using his size to keep the ball from getting passed him

Illuminati: Named after the mysterious secret society, it is a Flat serve with no spin. Normally, such a serve is very fast. But they must come very close to the net, so usually, flat serves go straight down the middle, the lowest part of the net. However, this service goes over the highest part of the net, with the same power as the Southern Cross.

Liliaden is a very serious boy. He’s rather intense and very focused. He is terribly strong, both physically and is his own beliefs. He has a strong concept of heaven and hell. He’s grown a bit out of his arrogant ways, though he is still a little prone to finger pointing, and hell fire damning, but it isn’t as often as it was. He’s also stubborn to the point of being blind. He’ll dig his heels in and nothing or no man is going to change his mind, most of the time. However, he is also rather gullible, mostly because of that. Despite his looks, he is rather young. Only a freshman in high school. He tends to believe what people say, if they seem to really know what they are talking about. Because of that, he believes in some rather silly notions about Japan. Even so, he is utterly in love with the country. When he returned home, he did nothing but talk about the people and the culture and the food and their amazing tennis program. He did everything he could to get on the international German team in order to play against the Japanese players again. And when a chance for the freshman came to exchange again, he jumped at it.
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