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Too many flights all at once. I am so tired now I could sleep for a week but I cannot. That I managed to slip away at the height of fashion week can only be due to some help from my cousin I am sure. I will have to thank him and the pilot for getting me to Japan as quickly as they did.

I managed to be at the finish line. I am glad I did. I just wished I could have stayed longer.

After this, I have another flight. Back to Japan to film the next episode of Star Rangers then it is off to England for London Fashion Week... We are actually doing a filming for Tea Society there. Hopefully I will be so busy that a certain co-star will not try and ask me out.

I am going to catch a little sleep and then I must be off to the show.
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My manager heard me singing. It seems that we wants for me to be in a musical. This is on top of everything else I am doing. I know that Keigo gave me this manager and he wants to do what is best for me. This is how I get my name out and get better parts in larger productions. I know this is good for me. But I still do not like it. I have so many things to learn already. I have the Tea Society Valentine's episode coming up. Start Rangers is about to hit mid season which means a lot of character work. Plus, Fashion week starts in February and goes until March. I'll be needed in New York, London, Milan and Paris before then so designers can fit me with what they want me to wear for their show.

I do no think I will be getting any rest until April at this rate.
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I love this time of year. I have all the decorations up. The tree was the very last thing to go up. I needed to find just the right one. Minoru helped. He also helped me decorate. I took his wheels off so he could get a rest but he still looks so energetic and ready to go decorate some more.

I am thinking of throwing a New Years celebration this year. I need to make some calls, but I hope to have invitations out soon.
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I have so little time. I have a week until St Nicholas Day. I think I have a pretty good idea what to do for it. I am glad this year, Star Rangers is not doing another Krampus episode. I do not need any more near heart attacks and I do not want to end up sleeping over at my cousin's house because of it.

Instead, we are filming a Christmas Special for Star Rangers. We are also doing a New Years special for Hitoshion Private Academy Tea Society. My co-star is pushing for a New Years midnight kiss scene, so at least he is over not acting with me.

Speaking of New Years, I am thinking of holding a European style New Years celebration this year for all of my friends here in Japan. I promise it will not get in the way of more traditional celebrations.
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I finally had to talk to my costar about his unwillingness to do romantic scenes with me. I got our agents involved as well. My agent speaks fluent German so it was for the best. Because he could translate me as I found all the things I wanted to say I could not say in Japanese. I need to work harder on expanding all the words I know.

He says it is because he does like me. He is attracted to me. He does not want to do those scenes with me because he wishes for it to be real, and doing it as acting is painful for him. He says maybe if I was to go out with him, it would be easier. I do not wish for things to be difficult. But I do not know if I like him like that. But to help the show, I suppose I can at least go to a movie or the amusement park with him. But I do not want to lead him along.

I do not know what to do.
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I can finally talk about it as the episode has aired.

Yes. I am Star Ranger White. I hope the big reveal was a good surprise for everyone. Have no fears as I doubt Prince Taos will ever return. His soul was cleansed when he took in the power of the stars to become the Ranger he was always meant to be. He is now simply the ally of justice.

I am pleased to be able to continue my work on Star Rangers - Theta Force. The cast and crew are kind and they are understanding of my time constraints as I am also working on "Hitoshion Private Academy Tea Society", which is quite different from Star Rangers, but also fun.

Though I have figured out why my leading costar is uneasy doing romantic scenes with me. He is afraid that he will be tempted to go further than the script and that my cousin will get angry at him and then the only work he will be able to get will be in Tibet. So instead, he does things to make me laugh in order to avoid the scene. I do not know if there is a way to fix this.
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I can still not talk about one of the shows I am filming. I should be able to in a couple more episodes. The directors say it is because if I do, I will spoil the surprise. Though with all the fan mail I have been receiving, I do not think it will be very much of a surprise. Still, filming this is very fun.

The other show I am on is going well. Sometimes, there are some awkward moments between myself and my costar. I realize that this is supposed to be a growing romance between us, but he keeps making these faces at me when we are to be having a serious moment and I lose it. I end up laughing and we have to film it over again. I wish he would not do that. I understand it is to make me feel less awkward, but I think the director might get mad at me if I keep losing my composure.

Another thing I am looking forward to is a day off. I have not had one in a while. I must be careful now as I have many fans, so I must watch where I go and what I do. But I think this weekend, I will enjoy myself and perhaps take a walk in the park. If I wear sunglasses, maybe no one will recognize me.
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Between the filming for two new series I star in, I have decided to take the time to learn how to cook better. It is difficult and I messed up a lot at first. But this is a lot more healthy than always eating food of convenience. Plus I can make food more to my liking. Japan still does not know how to make proper wurst. It is a crime.

Part of my lessons has been baking. I have made a cake for my cousin's birthday. I know it is not fancy, but it is Black Forest cake...I hope he likes it.
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I cannot just lay in bed and mope forever. I know I cannot. But it feels like my world has ended. But I have work to do. I have a new show to start filming. I have a leading role. And there is another show that I have to be more quiet about, but it is a co-starring part. I need to get up and make myself do this. But it is hard. I feel like there is nothing I can do. I feel like this will just happen again and I do not want to feel like this anymore. But I do not know what to do.

So I am thinking that maybe I need to make a change about myself. I know it is strange, but I feel that i need to start fresh. He really really liked my maybe if I cut it all off... I will have to look at my contracts and see if I am even allowed to change my image like that. But if I can...

Fans. Friends. Family.

What do you think about this style?

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I am home. That is about all the good I can say.


Er ließ mich . Er hat mich so wütend, weil ich weg war . Es ist meine Schuld. Ich bin schuld. Wenn ich nicht berühmt ... wenn ich ein ganz normaler Mensch war ... Ich liebte ihn . Ich glaube, ich werde weinen.
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We shot the final scene for the movie today. It was a lot of work but it is something I would enjoy doing again. Everyone cheered and celebrated when the director said "cut" for the last time. I am a little sad it is over but I know this will bring me big things in my career as an actor.

I have another week here that I am planning on spending with my family in Ingolstadt. I have not seen them in so long it feels like. And I am going to be spending some more time with Sergei as well. It is nice to have caught up with old friends. I wonder if he would play a match with me, for old time sake.


Jul. 25th, 2014 11:53 pm
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We were filming outside all day. It was very sunny. The makeup artist said the makeup was SPF15 rated. It was not. I am now very very red and it hurts a great deal. But I cannot hold up the movie just because I have a sunburn. I will endure it.
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Today, I took some time while we weren't filming to enjoy Austria. It feels amazing to speak in my native tongue again. I love Japan very much, but I really miss being home. Even if home is about 4 hours away from here.

I did run into an old friend. I was very surprised. Sergei from when I was in middle school at Negoya was in Austria on vacation from Russia. We have decided to meet up while I am still here so we can catch up. There are many many things I wish to tell him about!
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We are doing a lot of filming and they needed castles. I recommended a lot of great places that I remembered from back home. They chose some in Austria. It is a very short trip back home. I think I will take that trip. I have not seen my old friends in a long time. I sort of wish I could see my old teammates from Negoya, but I know they are all over the world, so this is something that will probably never be happening.
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Today I filmed my last episode of Star Rangers. I have never died that many times right in a row. I think it took 32 takes to get it right because it was so dramatic and everyone kept laughing and ruining the tension. I only have a few extra scenes to do for the final episode at the end of June, but then that is it. Star Rangers is over. It has been an amazing experience for me and I have learned so much. I have made many friends and met many fans who love me and my character.

Now I focus on the movie. A really large part of the shooting will be taking place over the summer. I look forward to it quite a lot. I have a lot of lines to learn and I have to go to fittings for my costumes and sit for a few hours in hair and makeup every day.

I also have a few more commercial shoots to do. Taichi. That commercial for Royal Briefs was so much fun. I have never laughed or enjoyed myself so much. Running around Tokyo in my underpants was very strange and sort of liberating.

Two left

Apr. 26th, 2014 04:06 pm
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I have two episodes of Star Rangers left. I will probably have a cameo or something in the finale but the bulk of my role of Prince Taos is almost over. It has been long and it has been hard sometimes. I have learned lots and lots about acting and stunts. I have a wonderful fanbase and a very active and passionate fanclub. I have discovered fanfictions and art and even got a fan nickname, though it is still very embarrassing for me to be called it.

I know I will miss being Prince Taos, but I have to move on to larger things. There are big things happening. The filming for the movie is starting soon. I have also been asked to do some commercials for Audi. Coco Chanel wants a magazine shoot with me. There is also some big news I am not allowed to talk about until fall time. But I can tell you that it will be just as much fun, if not more fun than being the bad guy.
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It is hard be believe that there are only five more episodes of Star Rangers left. I have had so much fun acting in it. I will be sad when it is over. But with endings become beginnings. This is the right words, yes?

I am allowed to make the announcement. I will be having a role in the Live Action movie version of Dragon Knights. I will be playing Rune. It seems like it will be a lot of fun. It will also keep me very busy. It will be coming out next year.


Mar. 30th, 2014 12:36 am
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I do not know what went wrong. I wanted to try out for a role in this Summer Drama. It is for a samurai story and I really want to act in one of those. But I know I do not look the part. So for the audition, I tried to dye my hair to look more like the role I was trying for.

It was supposed to be a nice brown. It is not. It is PURPLE


[ooc: italics are in desperate German]
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I am on the way to the airport. I have been in Paris for Fashion Week. I have done all the runway work I needed and I am just enjoying being here with my friends. However, it is White Day. From what I understand, White Day is a big thing in Japan. So I am catching a flight back so I can spend it with Akaya.

It will be a very long flight but I should make it in time.
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Now I know why the actress playing Red's love interest was a tall blond. I get that it is a really smart move on my character's part, but I do not have to LIKE THIS.

They know I do not like this sort of thing. I hate it so much. But for this episode, the costume department decided to have a little too much fun with me.

They have even taken pictures.

I cannot wait for the filming of this episode to be over.
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